Check Out The Steps To Disable WPS On Netgear Orbi Router

There is a WPA2 type of security encryption coming these days on all the Netgear routers. The main purpose of this encryption is to authenticate every user who is connecting to the internet. The security key can be enabled only if the WPS option is disabled.

If your router has WPS enabled by default, then you can disable it with the help of steps given in this post.

Know about WPS

WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup which is used in conjunction with PSK which is pre-shared key. This key is used to connect the devices to the wireless network. If your connection is secured, you can’t connect the devices directly unless or until you enter the passkey.

If you want to bypass the security, press the WPS button given at the back of every router. All the settings will come to default after pressing the WPS button.

How WPS is vulnerable?

You might be wondering to know how WPS is vulnerable to hackers. Well, we are going to discuss the same in the successive passages.

PIN: If you don’t set the PIN on your router, the hackers can easily hack the router after knowing the last 4 digits of default PIN. They know the possible combinations for creating the last 4 letters of PIN. Besides this, if a person has knowledge about the third party hacking software, then it will be easier to log in to the account without your knowledge.

Push-button connect: Another way to protect your router from unauthorized users is; using the push-button feature available on Netgear orbi router. You can push the button given on the hardware with the help of sharp tip pen or pencil. Though this is a much-advanced method for protecting the router, still it lags at some points. It can be justified through the statement. If this button is pressed by any intruder, then he can easily log in to the router and change the settings.

Is WPS disable feature available on your router?

All Netgear routers don’t support WPS feature so, you can check and confirm from the Netgear support.

  • Most of the traditional routers don’t support WPS feature, so you can’t disable it.
  • In some routers, WPS is optional. You may find WPS enabled without your knowledge.
  • Some routers support both. You can easily enable or disable the WPS on such routers.
  • In some routers, PIN type security is disabled but WPS feature is enabled.
  • Routers that don’t support WPS are considered the best routers.

How to disable WPS?

The simplest way to disable WPS feature of your router is; go to ‘WPS setup key’ and click on ‘Disable WPS’ and if possible disable PIN-based settings.

It may sound bizarre but it is true that all the routers with WPS enabled also call viruses and other insecure tools on the network just like Pin based configuration and UPnP which poses threat to the network. For more information Orbi Router Login you can visit Netgear Orbi Login.

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