How To Convert Netgear Orbi Satellite Into A Wi-Fi Extender?

Did you know that your old Orbi device can be used as a Wi-Fi extender as well? If not then this post will be of great use to you because today will be discussing how to use an Orbi device as a Wi-Fi extender.

The process works with Orbi Voice and outdoor models, but you need to make sure that your Orbi is at least version 2. The whole process will take around 20 minutes and you can do it without taking anybody’s help, so without wasting any time, let’s just dive into it:

  1. The first step is to wipe all the settings of your Orbi satellite. Basically, you will be resetting your device. Press and hold the reset button using a pointed device such as a paper clip. You will see the green power light blinking orange and once it does, it means a device has been reset.
  2. Now, you will have to install the latest version of the router’s firmware prior to converting get to an extender. Go to and then find downloads section and download the file labeled as “extender mode for Orbi”. After downloading the file, go to, and you will be directed to the Netgear device settings portal. There you will have to go to admin section followed by clicking on advanced and then firmware update. As you do so, you can set up Orbi satellite as Wi-Fi extension for your Router of any brand.
  3. Now you will have to sync your Orbi to the router to extend and for that, you have to bring both the devices close to each other. Then, press the power button and Sync button together and hold it. You will see light flashing blue and white on Orbi in around 20 seconds. This indicates that the devices are syncing. As the LED turns solid blue, the device is ready to be configured as an extender.
  4. Your Orbi may look like an Orbi, but now, it will work as an extender. So, it’s function has changed to re-transmitting the output of any Wi-Fi network. You can connect to the Wi-Fi extender now. After that, you need to launch a web browser and type in ‘www,’ for Windows computer or ‘mywifiext.local’ for Mac.
  5. You need to agree to terms and conditions followed by creating an online account. Once you do all that the system will scan your network ask you to decide from 2.4 and 5 GHz network to connect to.
  6. You can now configure the network name that you wish to use.
  7. Now you can move the Wi-Fi extender to a new location where you think that the signal quality is not good.
  8. Turn on the router and keep an eye on the color of the LEDs of the router.
  9. You can test the working of the Wi-Fi extender as to whether it is working properly or not. If it is then it is great, but if it is not, then you can take help of experts.

That is all about converting your Netgear Orbi into a Wi-Fi extender.

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