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How To Enhance Wi-Fi With Netgear Orbi?

Often, when a Wi-Fi router is installed, one realizes that the signal level is not sufficient in all the areas of the home or office that one intends to reach; the Wi-Fi signal is far from satisfactory, it is not stable and does not allow the use of mobile devices in any area of ​​the building.

To enhance the Wi-Fi signal and offer the best possible coverage, NETGEAR has just presented Orbi, a solution that helps put behind all the problems related to the instability of the wireless connection.

Enhance the Wi-Fi signal with a “system”: How NETGEAR Orbi works

The approach used by NETGEAR Orbi is innovative, as the devices use different technologies to enhance the Wi-Fi signal and therefore offer the possibility of improving wireless coverage, up to 300 square meters (router plus a satellite unit).

NETGEAR Orbi is not a Wi-Fi extender: it is instead a “system” composed of a router to which one or more satellite units can be placed side by side so as to cover, with the wireless signal, even larger surfaces (each unit serves about 175 square meters).

Compared to a classic extender, Orbi brings with it an undeniable advantage: the Wi-Fi network that is created is one. Regardless of which unit you will be connecting to, the Wi-Fi mobile device will detect the presence of only one wireless network.

Orbi allows you to put behind the complexity of the local network with a solution that is of the install and forget type: once you connect the Orbi units (the installation takes less than five minutes), the connection to the Internet will always be using the same Wi-Fi, marked by the same SSID.

The transition from one Orbi unit to another, depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength, will be completely transparent and the connection will never be lost. In other words, you will be able to enjoy a stable and high-performance wireless connection regardless of where the building is located.

Orbi offers Wi-Fi AC3000 (simultaneous tri-band) connectivity: this means that the NETGEAR signed product can transfer up to 3,000 Mbps or up to 400 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and up to 1,733 plus 866 Mbps on 5 GHz.

Thanks to the 6 internal antennas and the MU-MIMO support, Orbi can manage the simultaneous streaming of data on multiple simultaneously connected client devices.

To make the Orbi router and satellite unit (the so-called backhaul connection) communicate with each other, the system proposed by NETGEAR uses a quad-stream link from 1733 Mbps to 5 GHz. At present, there is no “system” on the market like NETGEAR Orbi that allows you to use a dedicated MU-MIMO 4×4 link and the results are really excellent both in terms of signal quality and available bandwidth.

As for downloads and uploads to and from the Internet, Orbi will make it possible to make the most of the connectivity available to you by eliminating buffering expectations and activities even when connected via Wi-Fi.

Both the router unit and Orbi’s satellite units have four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back (on the router one of them is used for WAN connection).

This means that client devices can access the Internet and the local network not only via Wi-Fi but also via a wired connection. Orbi satellite units, in particular, act as bridges, by connecting an Ethernet device to one of the available ports; the data will obviously be exchanged with the Orbi router wirelessly. For more information Netgear Orbi Support you can visit Orbi Router Setup.

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