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How To Protect Your Wireless Netgear Orbi Router?

Actually, there are no such things which are free from a hacker or we call it as hack-proof. In this guide, we are going to discuss the techniques to protect your router from online hackers and infiltrations to the network connection.

  1. Enable WPA2 encryption and create strong SSID and passkey: If you are configured the WPA2 encryption on the network, then it means you are allowing the hackers to hack the network. Update the encryption to WPA2 if already using wireless equivalent privacy. In old routers, you mostly need an update for the firmware of the router to enhance its security.

Also, make sure that you have created a strong SSID. If you are using the default login credentials then this can be easily cracked by hackers through router’s manufacturer website. By making use of rainbow tables by the hackers, they can easily breach the SSID and encryption.

  1. Turn on the wireless router’s Firewall: If available, turn on the built-in firewall option of your router. Enabling the firewall will help in hiding the network SSID of a router which will make it difficult for the hackers to hack. All firewalls have a stealth mode that reduces network visibility.
  2. Use of encrypted personal VPN service: VPNs are something which was considered as luxury and can be afforded only corporations. Nowadays, a personal VPN is available for free on monthly basis. It is a major roadblock for the hacker who wants to hack the network.

A personal VPN has the capacity to hide your true location through manipulation of IP address and setting up of strong encryption to protect the traffic.

If your router has its own VPN, then it is best to implement that VPN which will not only block the intruder IP but also encrypt all the traffic entering and leaving from the network. You don’t need to set up the client VPN software independently on the computer after enabling the in-built VPN. There are some companies like Buffalo and Netgear that has built-in VPN provided by the manufacturers.

  1. Turn off Admin via the wireless feature of Netgear router:  Another way to get rid of hackers from creating chaos with the router is to turn off the admin via wireless settings. This feature allows only the single individual to control or change the settings of your Ethernet router who is physically connected to it. When you disable the Admin via wireless feature, all the wireless devices connected to the router won’t be able to access the admin page or change the Wi-Fi settings like username and password and encryption.

If you are offering enough time and resources to the hackers, then there are chances of data loss or hacking to your network. Taking preventing steps at the right time will help you in getting rid of such problems. For more information Netgear Orbi Support you can visit Netgear Orbi Login.

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