In Which Way You Can Setup Orbi Voice In Orbi Mode?

With Orbi mode enabled, you can connect the Orbi voice to the Orbi router. In case you don’t own the Orbi router, you can setup the Orbi voice on the extender.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to setup the Orbi voice in the Orbi mode:

  1. Go to ‘Orbi-app’.com.
  2. Download the Orbi app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Place the Orbi voice next to the Orbi router. You can move it away from the router once configured.
  4. Connect the power supply to the Orbi voice and wait to turn it on.
  5. If you find the Orbi voice automatically turns on after connecting to the power supply, then press the power off button from the hardware.
  6. Change the mode from Orbi voice to the Orbi mode.
  7. Press the Sync button from the Orbi voice device.
  8. When the sync button is pressed, press and hold the power button simultaneously. After this, the Orbi Voice will turn on.
  9. Wait for the Voice ring LEDs to turn blue and white. When the said lights are on, you can release the sync button.
  10. You will find the below-mentioned color combinations of LED on the voice:
  • Pulsing white: It means the voice is changing to the Orbi mode. The LED will pulse white only for a few minutes.
  • Solid white: The Orbi voice is in the Orbi mode, you can start a sync with the Orbi router.
  1. Open the Netgear Orbi app and you will find the dashboard displays on-screen.
  2. Click on the ‘Home’ icon and tap ‘Add a satellite’.
  3. Follow the instructions to sync the Orbi Voice with the Orbi router and the Alexa voice assistant.

When the Orbi Voice syncs with the Orbi router, you will notice the below-mentioned color on the ring LED:

White: Your Orbi voice is trying to establish a connection with the Orbi router.

Blue, amber, and magenta: The colors will let you know the connection status at present.

Blue: Proper connection.

Amber: connection failed. Move the Orbi voice near to the Orbi router. The LED will glow for 3 minutes and turn off immediately after this.

Magenta: Connection failed. Your Orbi router and the voice failed to connect. Once the LED turns magenta, it will remain constant for some time. You can bring the Orbi router and the voice close to each other.

No color: If there is no color, then it means the connection between the Orbi router and the Voice is successful.

  1. Once the setup gets finished, you can move the Orbi voice to the desired location. For more information you can visit Netgear Orbi setup.

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