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Netgear Armor, Bitdefender Security Now On Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh Systems

Ensures protection from viruses, stolen passwords, malware, identity theft and hacker attack on all devices connected to the Internet from your Wi-Fi.

Netgear announces the availability, on Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh systems, of Netgear Armor by Bitdefender, the computer security system announced last year and seen in September at the IFA in Berlin.

Unlike other anti-malware solutions, which provide protection only for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac devices, Netgear Armor guarantees the security of the entire network: this means that all Smart Home and IoT devices connected to the Wi-Fi Orbi system benefit from this protection.

This system primarily ensures protection against threats on the home network of all devices connected to the network, including smart home devices. In fact Armor on Orbi actively blocks malicious sites and applications known and alerts the user, with instant notifications, whenever someone visits websites that might try to defraud, infect or steal personal information. Furthermore, Bitdefender Total Security, included in Netgear Armor, allows you to install a complete anti-malware protection on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices of the user and of the whole family.

Thanks to this system, you can then benefit from the protection of devices away from home, i.e., smartphones and computers with Netgear Armor installed will be protected even if not connected to the home network. In addition, an advanced threat detection system is in place to identify and block malicious links that contain viruses, ransomware, spyware and other Internet frauds and regularly scan the vulnerability of all devices connected to the home network.

What this means is that malicious elements such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, and malicious links will be identified and blocked before reaching the device (via the Orbi app, smartphone or computer. The user will immediately receive notification of detection and blocking of threats)

Finally, Netgear Armor offers protection against data theft even on mobile devices: in case of loss, the user will be able to remotely locate, block and delete data on the smartphone or computer.

As we said, Netgear Armor is now available on all Orbi WiFi RBK50, RBK53 and Orbi Voice systems (RBK50V) and will soon be available on the other kits of the family. The new firmware update, already available, allows the installation of Armor, which can then be activated by subscription for a number of devices connected to the home network for $75-80 per year (including a free 30-day trial period).

Therefore, if you want to keep your network protected, then make sure you have Armor or Bit Defender installed on your system. If you are facing problems while installing Netgear Armor or Bit Defender, then you can get in touch with Netgear Orbi support providers as they can help you with this particular matter.

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