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Netgear Orbi Not Working? Check Out Six Most Common Issues Along With Their Solutions

Netgear, as we all know, has developed some of the most advanced networking devices. Continuing its tradition of creating excellent devices, the company has come up with a unique and interesting router by the name of ‘Orbi’. This router allows users to access the internet outside their premises, so if they are sitting in the front yard or backyard garden of their house, even then, they can access the internet without any issue. Netgear Orbi is definitely a device to look forward, but is it a fault-free device? Of course not, as many people have come across issues while accessing this device. To find out six of the most common problems or let’s say questions in the minds of people, read on.

Unable to interact with Netgear Orbi Router

If you are not able to interact with Orbi router, then you should log onto ‘’, a website where you will be able to see the web-interface of your router. You need to enter your username and password to log into the web interface, after which, you can easily make changes to your device.

Changing network SSID and password

If you are unaware of your router’s SSID, then that’ll be the first four letters of the router model you are using. As for the password, you can enter ‘password’ or ‘admin’, as these are the default passwords for the routers usually. If you want to change the default values, then go to ‘Wireless’ option and then, click on ‘SSID’ label and finally, apply the changes.

How to turn off ISP router

The reason for turning of ISP router is that it creates interference on the network and affects the overall performance. Therefore, you need to turn off one router, which most people prefer to be the ISP one. To turn off the ISP router, you will have fill in your login credentials followed by enabling the option that says ‘turn off the router’ or switch it to ‘modem only’ mode.

Updating the firmware of Netgear Orbi

Similar to the computer or smartphone, a router too has a firmware, which needs to be updated. To update the firmware, you can sign into the app and then, click the ‘firmware’ option. If there is an update available, you will be able to download it from the link given on that page. If the link is unavailable, then go to ‘Advanced’ tab in the app, under the ‘admin’ section to find the link. If the firmware is not getting installed automatically, then you will have to do it manually.

Poor downloading speed

If you are not getting the internet speed that you were promised by your internet service provider, then you need to check as to whose fault it is. If the speed is less because of the bad placement of the router, then you can change the position of your router. You should also check if there are two or more Wi-Fi on the same channel. If there are, then you would have to take them off because those are dividing the internet speed. Now, you need to select a different channel in order to ensure proper internet speed.

Prohibit Children’s access to the network

If you want to enable ‘parental controls’, then you will have to download Netgear Genie on your smartphone because such features can only be accessed from Netgear Genie. Go to the ‘Manage’ section and then, click ‘Parental controls’ to enable or disable it. For more information you can visit Netgear Orbi Login.

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