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Six Questions Regarding Netgear Orbi Router That People Want Answers For

Netgear Orbi Router is a revolutionary device, which has allowed users to access the internet outside their homes and offices. However, the router being an electronic device is not immune to glitches and therefore has plenty of them when one starts to talk about. The most common one being the inability of certain apps to communicate with the device. Let’s delve into the details of six common questions in Netgear Orbi router along with their solutions.

  1. How to interact with Orbi Router?

The solution to all your Netgear Router related issues can be found at Just go this web interface of your router, enter your username and password and make changes to the router settings to make it interact with your devices.

  1. How to change Network SSID and password

If you don’t know what’s the SSID of your router, then it’s the first four letters of the router model. As far as the password is concerned, it will be selected randomly. To change the default values, you will have to go to ‘wireless’ option followed by clicking on ‘SSID’ label and then, applying the changes.

  1. Turning off ISP Router

If you connect Netgear Orbi Router to your ISP provided router, then that may create interference on the network and affect the performance. Therefore, it is better to turn off one router, preferably the one provided by the ISP.

To do so, you can log into your ISP web-interface page and then, enter details in ‘username’ and ‘password’ field. Then, you can turn off the router or switch it to ‘modem only’ mode.

  1. How to update Orbi router’s firmware?

A router also has a firmware, which needs to be updated periodically, so make sure that you update the firmware as it appears. To check the firmware update, you can sign into the app followed by clicking on ‘firmware’ option. If the update is available, then you can download it from the link provided on that page. The option can at times be given under the ‘Advanced’ tab in the app and under ‘Admin’ section. The update starts to download as you click it. Install the firmware manually if it doesn’t happen automatically.

  1. Poor downloading speed

This is a very frustrating problem and difficult to identify because, at times, people are not able to find out if the problem is with the ISP or the router. Sometimes, the placement of the router can decrease internet speed. To fix the problem, you can change your Wi-Fi channel. If more than one Wi-Fi is using the same channel, then the speed may get affected due to congestion. Login to web app followed by going to ‘Settings’. After that, select a different channel from the one that you have selected earlier.

  1. How to prohibit children’s access to the network?

Parental control is another feature that people want to know how to activate. The feature can be enabled from the web app. Just download ‘Netgear Genie’ on your smartphone followed by accessing all the features and functions from there. Go to the ‘Manage’ section followed by clicking on ‘Parental Controls’ to either enable or disable it.

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