What Are The Steps To Change The Level Of LED Brightness Of Your Orbi Outdoor Satellite?

In this high tech world, people prefer to get the best signal strength of their home wireless network at every corner in the house. That’s why they use special types of routers called Orbi router and satellite. Most of the people are using this product due to reliable and stable operation. However, some users want to change the brightness of the LED installed on the panel and don’t know the right way. We are now going to discuss the steps in this regard.

As soon as you turn on the satellite unit, LED engrossed on it starts glowing which indicates that the device is successfully started. If you find it difficult to check or detect the LED, then you can change the level of its illuminance through the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Click on the desktop icon of any internet browser. From here, enter the orbi login page address and enter the details when asked. If you have a mobile in your hand, then also you can follow the same procedure.
  2. Enter ‘Admin’ in the ‘Username’ field and ‘Password’ in the password field. A web-interface page will then get opened. You can change the existing router configurations or add a new router to it. If you don’t know the login details, you can check the slip posted on the side panel. Search for the ‘Home basic’ menu from the main page.
  3. Click on the option ‘Attached devices’. The list of devices along with the name will be displayed. Right-click on a particular device to get information.
  4. Go to ‘Satellite’ and over to the ‘Edit’ option.
  5. Make sure that LED is glowing on the Orbi router and is turned on. If it is off, then slide to turn it on from the opened window. The LED will blink for a while and after that, you will have to wait for few seconds.
  6. Check the ‘Percentage’ option given just under the ‘LED status’ button. When you change the percentage, the illuminance will keep on increasing or decreasing.
  7. Once the desired level gets selected, don’t forget to save the settings. All settings are now configured successfully.

So, after the execution of above mentioned steps, you will be able to achieve the desired level of illuminance of the Orbi satellite LED. In order to revert to previous settings, you need to reset the device or follow the same procedure you followed for increasing the illuminance. In case, you want to change the configurations of your router, call technical experts.

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