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Which Devices Can Be Connected With The USB Port Of Netgear Orbi RBK50?

Have you just started to use Netgear Orbi RBK50? If yes, then you must be wondering as to which devices can be connected to this particular router. Well, there is wide number of devices, which can be used with Netgear Orbi, which include printers too. If you are connecting a printer to the USB port of your Orbi Router, then you can wirelessly access that printer from any computer (Windows or Mac) or iOS device that is connected to your network.
This particular feature is quite useful especially if you are not using a Wi-Fi enabled printer. ReadyShare printing gives you an option to print from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop regardless of where you are in the house. If you are halfway out the door, but then, you realize that you have forgotten to print a ticket, then there is no need to worry. You can do it using your phone. ReadyShare printing allows you to do all that, but then, there is one limitation of the feature, i.e., its absence on Android devices. If you want to use it on your Android device, then you will have to wait because it hasn’t been launched there yet.
Besides printing, Netgear ReadyShare comes with various other utilities that Orbi is yet to provide support for, such as file access, data storage and media sharing across your network. With these, you have the ability to backup all your devices to the same hard drive, download videos to ReadyShare drive and then stream those on your smart TV or see those saved pictures from any connected device. The absence of such incredible features with Orbi has taken many people by surprise because many other routers that are developed by Netgear are fully compatible with ReadyShare functions, and Orbi users have been clamoring for more of those features for a couple of years now.
Using Netgear Orbi with an external hard drive
You can connect your USB hard drive to Orbi, but it is not that easy, to say the least. The USB 2.0 port is officially added for ReadyShare printing, so the system doesn’t recognize when other devices are plugged in.
People have reported the limited success of these external hard drives when it comes to their use with Netgear Orbi. If you want to use hard drives with Orbi without any limitations, then you should use the FAT32-formatted drives, as they seem to work the best with Netgear Orbi. For more information Netgear Orbi Support you can visit Netgear Orbi Help.

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